Guide on Car Donations

Guide on Car Donations for all states.  The step by step guide on how to donate a car.  Selling your car can be a hassle. The expense of placing an ad, having people call you at all hours, strangers coming to your door…who can you trust today? When you choose to donate a car, your old car will be helping others.

car donation

how the car donation process works:

We accept any type of car, truck, van or SUV regardless of age or condition.  Running, not running, flat tires, blown motors, smashed, trashed, diamonds or just plain junk.  They all have value to the children with cancer that we serve.

We can pick up your automobile at your home, a repair shop, office, or just about anywhere you request.

We offer free pick up in all States.  We transport them to our locations with a flatbed truck, or trailer regardless of condition (even if they are running, we still transport them with a truck). We even have locations where you can drop off your vehicle if you want to.

Simply give us a call to make a convenient appointment.  We are usually able to accommodate most appointment requests for specific times.  Sometimes, we can even pick up your auto in the same day.

You’ll receive a phone call on your scheduled day, confirming the appointment. Once our driver arrives, he can help you remove the license plates (if needed), he can assist with filling out the title, and cleaning out your car.  Then he will give you a donation receipt, and load your vehicle onto the truck.

Once you have your donation receipt in hand, you no longer have any obligations or responsibilities to that vehicle.  Call your insurance agent, and cancel the policy on that car, return or re-use your license plates and your done with that car.  Just to reiterate that, once we are in possession of the automobile, your responsibility for that car ends right there. We are fully insured and we are responsible for the vehicle from that point.

This is our guide on car donations, to find out more about the car donation tax deduction process.

The Guide on car donations

The IRS laws pertaining to the donation of vehicles can be found here in publication 4303     and the official publication regarding all charitable contributions can be found here in publication 526    

We have been processing car donations for over 12 years.  We have the experience and expertise to make the transaction as fast and easy as possible.

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