Donating A Car

…help kids with cancer

Donating a car can help children with life threatening illnesses.  When you give a car to our charity, there are several different ways we use that car.

When giving a car that is in working condition, we either sell it at auction (and use those proceeds to fund our programs), or sell it at a deep discount to a family that needs transportation.

car donation

If you’re giving a car that’s not in working condition, we either repair it (and then it falls into the above category) or sell it to a salvage yard.  Either way, your car donation helps kids with life threatening illnesses.

Cars help parents get to and from work, doctor appointments, and grocery shopping.  Most of us take our cars for granted…they’re always there when we need to go somewhere.  Things can be a lot harder when transportation isn’t readily available.

Donating A Car – The Process

It’s easy to give a car to charity.  Call 1-800-785-6544, answer a few questions like: your name, where the car is located, what type of car is it (year, make and model), and make an appointment for pick up of the vehicle. 

All you need to provide is the title (or other proof of ownership) and the keys.  We’ll pick up your donation free of charge, and provide you with a donation receipt for you to use with your tax return.

Donate A Car for Kids

Brought to you by the American Children’s Society, Inc Cars for Kids Auto Donation Program. Donating a car helps kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

* Receive the Highest Tax Deduction

* We accept donated cars all across America

* Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV’s, Heavy Equipment, just about anything on wheels

Donate a car for kids has been accepting donate vehicles for over a decade. Thanks to generous donors, we have been able to help children all across America!

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