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Can I donate my car to charity, help kids with cancer and get a tax deduction? YES you can! The American Children's Society's cars for kids cancer auto donation program helps kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Join thousands of happy donors that are making a difference! (and getting a much needed tax break!) 

Donate A Car....Make the Call...

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The American Children’s Society can use your car donation to help kids with cancer and other diseases.  It helps to provide children with medical attention, equipment and medicine.  It helps a struggling family pay utility bills, and you can be a part of it.  Join thousands of happy donors that are making a difference.

We'll pick up your vehicle free of charge, or you can drop it off.  We have convenient auto donation locations across the USA.  Take a look at our Where to Donate A Car page to find an office near you!

You want to get the most when you donate a car, while helping others get the help they need.  We are registered with the IRS and State agencies.

Our donate car program is a fantastic way to recycle your old vehicle and help families get back on their feet. If you have a car to donate, running or not, please call us or use our online auto donation form.

Car donations are a great alternative to selling your vehicle on your own… no one haggling price, or test driving, no need to repair it or make it pristine for selling. We accept most car donations, regardless of condition!  Yes, we even accept junk car donations!  They all have value to us.

If you’re asking yourself, why donate a car…consider helping a charity that helps kids.

Please donate my car

How does your auto donation help? We'll turn that old car into cash to help families. We work in partnership with hospitals, social services, and other children’s welfare organizations to recognize families that are financially troubled because of their child’s illness.

We aide families with transportation, cancer treatments, medical bills, equipment, and other tremendous expenses. Give from the heart, give smart!

Donating my car for kids is really easy. We have a team of volunteers that are ready to help with any questions that you have. We are available 24/7 by telephone, or use the online car donation form.

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