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Please, donate car New Jersey!  If you live in NJ and have been thinking about selling or trading in your car, consider donating it instead. Your donation is more than a tax write off. When you donate your vehicle to us, you help families and children in need throughout New Jersey.  Our main office is in NJ.

You'll be eligible for the fair market value tax deduction when you choose our Donate A Car For Kids Cancer Auto Donations Program.  In the state of NJ, we don't let the cars go to auction, that's auctions.  We utilize most of the automobiles for our programs, allowing you to get the most from your charitable contribution!

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The process is easy…all we need from you is the title and the keys…that’s it…we do the rest!

Give us a call!  Help Make A Difference in a Child's Life!

Our NJ car charity accepts all vehicles regardless of age or condition.  Your vehicle can be in any condition, any make or model and any year. Simply give us the keys and the title, we’ll take it, and make the most of it for you, and for the families we serve. Simply call for an appointment, 1-800-785-6544, and we’ll send someone to your home to tow it away for free.

If you don’t have the title, we can still accept your auto donation with your registration and insurance documents. Before we leave, we’ll provide you with your tax deduction paper (for 8283) and a donation receipt.  Our NJ car donation charity wants to help those in need, and we make it easy for you to help too.

For over fifteen years, our donate car New Jersey charity car program has been accepting auto donations.  We need your help so we can continue to work with social services, hospitals and other organizations to identify the families that can most benefit from your donation. In doing this, we ensure your old car will go to the right people. You can donate to us with peace of mind because most cars we receive go to a family that needs it. Also, we are a nonprofit agency registered with the IRS, so there’s no need to worry about your tax deduction when you file for your return.

When it’s time to part ways with your old car, call us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to make an appointment. Wondering why donate my car?  You can make a donation that makes you feel good. Call now.

* Highest Tax Deduction possible * Help Kids with Cancer * Fast, Free Pickup anywhere in New Jersey * All charity car donations accepted, regardless of age or condition * No title? Not a Problem! * 100% of your donation benefits charity * Avoid the hassles of selling it yourself

Here's an excerpt from the IRS Publication 526 regarding the exceptions to the car charity donation:

Exception 2 is what we do with most donated cars in NJ.  But if your car needs repair, that would fall under Exception 1, so that we can give or sell at a discount to needy families.

car donation exceptions

Please, donate car new jersey

Donating cars for kids cancer is really easy. Our charity car donation program team of volunteers that is ready to help with any questions that you have. We are available 24/7 by telephone, or you can use our online auto donation form.

We are the Trusted New Jersey Auto Donation program!
Experience and expertise come over time…our NJ car charity has over 15 years of experience picking up cars for kids cancer auto donations. We make it fast, easy and free of hassle. You can maximize your deductions by donating a car.

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