Cancer Car Donation

donating cars for kids with cancer

Cancer car donation by the American Childrens Society. Donating cars for kids with cancer is easy. Just have proof of ownership and the keys, we’ll do the rest.  Give us a call at 1-800-785-6544.

car donation

We are an IRS registered not for profit organization.

We help families that have a child diagnosed with cancer by providing some relief to the financial stress that they may be enduring. Less stress on the parents, means they can have more quality time with their child.

Our Assistance Programs

Donating a car to the American Childrens Society means that you can be a part of helping a family in these ways:

  • Medical Bills
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Housing Aide
  • Utility Help
  • Funeral Assistance
  • ...and so much more!

When social workers from hospitals, community organizations, family members or friends contact us for assistance, we do our best to help. But...

We need your help to continue our efforts.

Cancer is a life threatening illness that can strike anyone, at any age.  See the most diagnosed cancers among children 0-19 years old at the Center For Disease Control.

Our charity was founded to help kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Your cars for kids donation helps kids with cancer.

We accept vehicle donations all across the USA.  Our Cars For Kids program will turn your old car into help for kids with cancer and underprivileged families.

Even though some cancer charities have stopped accepting automobile donations, the American Children's Society has expanded nationwide so that we can help more children and families.

We accept most cars, regardless of condition.

Cancer Car Donations

When donating a car to the American Children's Society, we make it as easy as possible for you.

Just have the title or other proof of ownership available, and the keys.  We'll do the rest.

We pick up your vehicle donation free of charge, with an appointment time that's convenient for you.  We'll give you a receipt for your donation that you can file with your tax return.

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